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If you are wanting to lay your own tile floor, here are some tips to get you started. If you live in the Springfield MO area and still have question, give us a call, we'd be happy to offer some advice.

A tile floor is a beautiful addition to a room that gets a lot of heat and humidity, such as the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. A DIYer with moderate skills can perform tile floor installation in a weekend, but there are several tips to make the job easier and quicker.

Dry Lay The Tiles

The installer should arrange the tile over the floor in a pattern that they find most pleasing before they permanently install it. Make sure to place spacers in between the tile even when they are dry-laid.

Use the 3-4-5 Triangle Method

This methods allows the installer to check that the lines drawn on the floor are square. Find the point where two lines cross, then measure three feet along one, and make a mark. Measure four feet along the other line, and make a second mark. Then, measure diagonally between the three and four foot marks. If it comes out to five feet, the lines are perpendicular.

Don’t Cover the Chalk Lines

After the chalk lines are found to be straight, the installer should then apply the adhesive recommended by the tile fabricator. They should be careful not to cover the chalk lines because they are necessary as reference points.

Add Something for the Room

Before buying tile, measure the room, and add 10 percent to the square footage. This makes up for the inevitable waste.

Make Sure Matching Tiles Match

If the installer is buying tiles of the same color, they should note the dye lot number, and make sure that the tiles have it.

Adding Grout

When adding grout to the spaces in between tiles, use a rubber float to spread it diagonally across the joints. This is the best way to force the grout into the joints.

Start Laying Tiles at the Center

After thinset mortar is applied, the installer should start laying the tiles in the center of the room and work up, down and to the sids. Make sure to use plastic spacers between the tiles and to wear rubber gloves so no mortar gets on the hands.

Space Out the Job

The installer will almost certainly have to cut tiles to fit the floor. To save money on renting a wet saw, they should install the whole tiles one day, then install cut tiles the next day. A worker who has never cut tile before should make practice cuts first. This is one reason why more tile is bought than is strictly needed.

Examine the Back

After every few tiles are laid, pick one up, and look at the back. If less than 75 percent of the back is covered in mortar, it may be time to put on more mortar, and press down more firmly.

Use Plywood

Tiles should not be stepped on directly until their mortar has set. If the installer feels that a tile in a far corner of the room needs to be adjusted, they should put a 2 x 4 piece of plywood over the tiles and walk over it.

Tile flooring is a splendid way to enhance the overall beauty and comfort of a home.

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