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Best Carpet Store in Springfield MO

So you are looking for new carpet or flooring for your house, and trying to figure out the best place in the Springfield MO metro area to shop? Being in the flooring business we study the competition, and so here is a quick list with a few pros and cons for each.

The big box stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards)

Pros: several locations to choose from, so you might not have to drive very far.

Cons: All flooring is private labeled. This means that they probably have the same products as everywhere else, but they are all named differently. Think “find a better price on the exact same thing, and we’ll give it to you for free”. Guess what, you will never find the same thing. Not a big deal, but allows them to charge what they want and not get price shopped.

Next, You never seem to get the same person when you go there. Buying flooring is a multi-step process. You might visit the store 2 or 3 times, each time is probably someone different helping you. Somebody has to measure your house. At the big boxes, this is a third party, so any instructions you give them about what to measure, sometimes makes it to the right person, sometimes it doesn’t. Plus, most flooring is ordered. Who is going to check for accuracy?

And lastly, the biggest complaint we here is about the installation. A good question to ask is, how can they offer free installation on some of their promotions? Do installers work for free? You get what you pay for as one customer put it, but in addition to that, the install is all done by a 3rd party also (different than who measures), so you have all the same issues there.

So, one person selling it, another measuring, another receiving it, another installing it. Who is accountable? Ultimate the store is, and they will probably step up, but is that going to matter when you take off work for a day and now something isn’t right, and you have to take off another?

The discount shops (Discount Daves, Cardins, etc)

Pros: Usually a large selection of low end carpet, and at reasonable prices. If you need something cheap for a rental, you need it now, and are going to install it yourself, then they are probably worth checking out. They also do a phenomenal job advertising. Whoever does their marketing, I commend them greatly.

Cons: Service is the biggest con. We’ve shopped their locations several times, and we either had nobody help us, or someone of a questionable nature. Need installation? Again, you run into the same issues as with the box stores. It is just tough to manage a perfect install, and having multiple people that are there just for a job, doesn’t usually get it done. We get people in all the time saying that “nobody showed up”. Again, you get what you pay for (and the prices on anything but low end carpet is the same as a Dealer would charge)

Carpet & Flooring Dealers (Ozark Carpet Company, Mourey’s, Stoneridge, Midwest Rug)

Pros: These are the places to go if you are looking for something for your personal home or business, and need it installed. You can usually get the same sales person each time, they have a dedicated person to measure and receive materials, and also have a good crew of reliable installers. We’ve shopped all of them, and there is typically no difference in pricing compared to the box stores or the discount stores, and without all the marketing games. 9 times out of 10 you will get a lower “out-the-door” price with way better service. Just a more enjoyable experience without all the hassles. Most also have a limited selection of low priced, low end carpet, in case you need it now.

Cons: Generally speaking, most carpet and flooring is installed, and also special ordered, so there is about a one week lead time. If you are looking for high end carpet, and need it today, you probably will be out of luck here. Chances are you will be out of luck at the discount places also, but you might find a roll or two in stock of something decent.

So, where is the best carpet store in Springfield MO? The answer is, it depends on your needs, but hopefully the above will help you get started. Have a great day!

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