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Custom area rugs and floor coverings come in many unique shapes and sizes. Many of our designer carpet floor covering rugs are made of cotton, hand knotted and are woven area rugs. You can find affordable area rugs for kids rooms, unusual elegant oval rugs, practical kitchen round rugs or handmade imported area rugs for that perfect wow factor when someone walks in a room.

3 Things to Consider When Picking Out Area Rugs

  • Rug Color
  • Rug Style
  • Rug Size

Color is Key for Rugs! Select the rug color from your upholstery, draperies, wallpaper or other dominant color in the room. For a more dramatic and "professionally decorated" look, match the rug with an accent color from your interior dér. Once a rug is placed in the room, it will beautifully contrast with the overall interior design. To ensure color matches, keep pillows or fabrics swatches on hand during your designer rug search. Colors will appear different under varied lighting and the samples will aid the eye for the perfect match.

Rug Style is Important! With thousands of unique rug designs and styles today, choosing a rug can be quite trying. Decide first if you would rather have a traditional or a contemporary rug. This important factor will help to narrow your search and define your possibilities in rug designs.

The Right Rug Size! Rugs add impact by enhancing the design dér that lies above it. Determining where the rug will be placed will be a direct correlation to the size of the rug you purchase. For example, in a 4.x6. entry foyer, a rug sized approximately 3.x5. would look most appropriate. Any smaller and the rug makes no visual impact, any larger and you lose the pleasing "framing" effect a rug creates on the flooring below.

Whether you are decorating your traditional living room, designing a modern kitchen, adding finishing touches to a contemporary dining room or stylizing a vintage bedroom, we hope you enjoy our home decor rug selection. With runner area rugs and accent area rugs, select an area rug and we will offer to send you a swatch prior your rug purchase. Happy Home Decor Hunting!

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